Infusion Therapy

New Infusion Patient Documents

Your physician recommends you begin infusion therapy. What happens next?

We will confirm that your insurance provides coverage for your treatment.

Most insurance companies require a predetermination/prior authorization before you can receive an infusion. This process can take up to 30 days to receive the predetermination/prior authorization from your insurance carrier.

Once we receive information from your insurance carrier, someone from our Prior Authorization Department will contact you to discuss what is covered by your insurance carrier and what you might owe at the time of your infusion.

Once you, as well as your insurance carrier authorized treatment, our office will contact you to schedule your initial infusion appointment.

Our Infusion hours are 7:30 AM-5:00 PM Monday through Thursday. Please note, our longer infusions begin earlier in the day.

Your first appointment.

One of our infusion nurses will call you from the waiting room and will obtain your weight and a full set of vital signs.

Your nurse will ask you the following questions:
*If you are experiencing a cold or symptoms of a cold, please call and speak with an infusion nurse prior to your appointment to determine if you should receive an infusion. Receiving an infusion may decrease your body’s ability to fight off some types of infection.

You will sit in a comfortable recliner during the therapy.

We provide free Wi-Fi and light snacks. You are welcome to read a book/magazine, or use a smart phone, computer or tablet with a headset or take a nap during the procedure.

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